100 Themes Challenge

5:07 AM Rita Renne 0 Comments

If you haven't heard of the 100 Themes Challenge, then you're just plain weird, and if you're one of the weird ones, then just go here, and you'll have a full immersion of what a theme challenge really is.  

With this being said, I have conjured up an idea of writing an entire book based on this massive list with the help of wonderful, wonderful ideas, and the people who have posted stories based on the themes with the project I linked to up there. 

Here is the first chapter:
The start of our story takes place in a far,
where Nyx blankets the night and cuts off all the stars.
A child lays crying, wishing for an end,
for her nightmare to finish and her dreams to begin.
But wishes are nightmares put into the flesh,
an unbearable consequence to get out of this mess.
The demons embrace her, taking her in,
while darkness she breathes is her only friend.
The angels surrender while Hades grins,
because fighting with children is a guaranteed win.
She can never hide for there’s no safe place,
so she lives every day on a dead man's embrace.