Haunted Hotel?

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One of the newest WeBook stories I have done. I've advertised, suggested it to read, put it on many writing websites, and I hear nothing. 

But it's okay. Author's need rejections in order to be healthy. 

In case you wanted to know, it's about a girl named Varena La Pavillion (yes, weird names, but what else do you expect from Brianna?). Her father runs a hotel in New Orleans, and what could the name be? Hotel La Pavillion! None other than the name of the hotel. The story is set fifteen years after Mr. Cromwell, Varena's father's "business partner", arrives to the hotel for his "job". He was appointed to work with her father by the head honcho of the line of La Pavillion hotels which happens to be Varena's uncle. 

The name of the hotel sounds normal, but the spirits and guests that lie within the concrete walls are far beyond the realm of normal. Varena can see the spirits of all the ones who have died the two centuries the hotel has been in service. 

You have Arnold, the mafia leader spirit who died in the 1920s and tips his crimson Fedora at the "ladies" even if they can't see him. You have Madame Arnette who resides in the mirror and yells constantly at Varena in her foreign, French accent (She is the one displayed on the cover). You have Lady Valentine who haunts away potential guests from her room number: Room 66 on Floor 6. You have Jason, a boy who died in the early years of the hotel, the 1840s, and lives within the walls of painting illustrated by a mysterious John Paul Cassidey who fled the hotel under suspicious circumstances. You have the dolls on Varena's top shelf who constantly complain and bicker about their loose stitches and uncomfortable fabric. 

A dark secret is hiding within the walls of the hotel, but will it come to light, or will it lurk in the dark shadows and continue to terrorize the La Pavillion until the end comes? 

This story has been living and breeding within the confinements of my brain since the summer. I have tried to discover a way to start it, and I think that I have. I have also written a chapter, and my brain has stopped working, so this story will be placed on haul. 

Want to read it? 

~Rita_Renne C: